HCT Precision Scanner Target 5 x 7

HCT HutchColor Target 5x7
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Product Code: HCT01F57R

HCT 5 x 7* Inch HCT Fuji Crystal Archive Reflective Target

Each 5 x 7 inch reflective HCT is individually-measured and comes with a unique serial number and reference file. The reflective HCT can be used on both scanners and digital cameras. Some users find it good for fine-art copy work, because the HCT's extended shadow gamut and glossy finish characterize varnished oil paintings better than other targets. However take care to avoid surface reflections and remember that metamerism failure and differences between capture and viewing lighting can limit the value of ANY target when making ICC camera profiles.
For maximum resistance to fading, reflective HCTs are made on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, however remember that no photographic material is completely free from fading and aging. That's why we offer a re-measuring service. *Actual size slightly less than 5 x 7 inches.